When dreams become a REALITY !!

I never used to read books. Ever!! Seems quite strange for a romance novelist.

When I was in my early twenties, my mother introduced me to romance novels. I quickly became addicted. For a person who LOVES being in love, feeling passion and escaping into a fantasy, this genre of books were perfect for me. One day I had this epiphany…I WANTED TO WRITE A ROMANCE NOVEL. What a joke!! With a full time job and three young children, it only took one attempt to realize that I did not want to make this goal a priority. I desired for my time, love and attention to go to my family and I have absolutely no regrets about that decision.

Two years before my youngest child was to leave home, I felt the concern and panic build inside me. I feared that I would lose my identity and fall into a depression. Being a Mom has been the most important gift I could ever know. Who was I if I wasn’t actively parenting? Then, it hit me. WRITE…THAT…BOOK!! I took a 3 day crash course on writing and publishing at my local community college and got started. I will never forget how excited my mother was when I told her. She has always been my biggest supporter. I deeply desired to make her proud. I was so close to being finished with my novel when she became hospitalized. I spent many hours by her side supporting her as I scrambled to finish my book. She tried so hard not to “chat with me” so I could focus and complete the task. Glenda, my beloved mother, best friend and the kindest person I have ever known, passed away during the publication of MASON’S GRAY. The one person whom I desired to read my novel the most, never will. It saddens me to the core.

Thank you, Mom for encouraging me to read and for supporting me through every single journey in my life. I love you with all of my heart and I WILL KEEP WRITING.