MUSIC...The force that ignites !! photo by Arunas Naujokas

One of the things I could not live without on a deserted island is MUSIC. I was born with it in my blood and soul. It is a continuous effervescent maneuvering throughout the walls of my home. Think of all the positive things that come from MUSIC. I can name so many.

Music inspires dancing, which therefore creates exercise. Go figure. We all need that cardio and why not have FUN while doing it. Dancing and cooking is a fabulous combination. A spatula is an awesome microphone!! Believe me…i know!!

Then, there is always the inspirational factor. So many of my writing ideas have come from the times that I am wearing my Bose headphones, listening to the shuffle of tunes and holy cow…BAM!! The ideas pool and flood in my head. I keep a note pad on my night stand table so that I am prepared to write it all down. Whether I am walking, sitting on an airplane or winding down for the night, music NEVER FAILS to feed my knowledge and guide my way.

I absolutely cannot fail to mention music therapy. There is evidence-based information supporting the use of MUSIC to improve one’s HEALTH and QUALITY OF LIFE. In conclusion to the passion I share for my love of music, I leave you with this… “Music is a second language to my heart.” by Mara Arps