Lethal Obsession

“DREAM BIG”… I see this quote and although I love the message behind it, I believe even more that our dreams will not flourish if we do not ACT on them and put forth the work that it takes to achieve the dreams we deeply desire. Having said this, I find myself on a daily basis obsessing over the things that I CANNOT CHANGE. This makes me mentally insane and discouraged.

This morning I decided to go on a walk and clear my head. I threw my headphones on and let Pandora shuffle my favorite stations. Have you ever noticed the intensity of exercise when you are trying to rid demons? My legs burned and my heart raced as I tried to force the anger out of me. Why am I so mad? I don’t want to feel mad. Pausing for a moment on the trail with my hands supporting the back of my head, I looked up at the sky and realized the things that I have NO CONTROL to change were taking over my ability to stay positive. It felt lethal.

I have made a commitment to myself to ACCEPT what I cannot control or change. I will find the strength and confidence to remind myself that I have not failed. I have to keep moving forward on my own with a positive attitude, hard work and focus on what I CAN control…changing only what is necessary.