Over the course of my life, I am no stranger to floating inside the bubbles. One may understand it better as being stuck in a comfort zone. From time to time, I have been able to pop a few and dive into the big kids pool. The strokes and splashes are invigorating, and I think to myself, “Why did I wait SO LONG?” Next thing I know, the bubble begins to blow back up around me. There I am, floating in the comfortable buoyancy of THE ZONE.

The angel on my right shoulder tells me that I can do more…be more. The devil on my left shoulder pokes his pitch fork, causing pain. The kind of pain that takes possession over my ability to move, to act and consequently to LIVE. I have waisted so much time allowing this demon to control me.

We all desire the feeling of comfort. Why does it have to be a bad thing? Many have worked tremendously hard, putting all of their blood, sweat and tears into their goals. Eventually, don’t we all want to land in that comfortable place? It is the bubble that can trap us. I prefer my bubbles in a beautiful champagne flute. Or, watching kids sitting outside blowing bubbles from their bright colored wands. These bubbles are free, floating to wherever they desire.

My goal is to pop that bubble, set it free and step out of the comfort zone that I have not yet EARNED to settle in.